Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


Do we do walk-in appointments?

The short answer to that is usually, NO! We are primarily appointment based. However, you’re always welcome to visit our shop, play some pool, load up FIFA and hope one of our Master Barbers has a last minute cancellation*. Occasionally we may have an open slot for a later time, for which you will be asked to return.

*Not all cancellations can be filled by walk-in’s, this is up to the Shop and Barbers discretion. 


What if I am running late or unable to make my cut?

We understand life happens & if you’re running late, our Barber’s allow a 10 minute grace period before they are forced to cancel your appointment. This is because accommodating you past the grace period, will affect the customers after you. 

We must receive your cancellation 12 hours before your appointment. If you decide to not show up or not call us ahead of time: we will be forced to include an additional charge on your next visit. 


I am trying to book online and it shows no open slots?

This usually means we are completely booked. Fortunately some of our Master Barbers take on After Hour’s Exclusive Cutz. This would need to be arranged informally by contacting your preferred Barber. 


Do I need to know exactly how I want to style my hair, before arriving for my cut?

We get it, sometimes you want to try something new, or aren’t quite sure what you want. Our Master Barbers are trained to walk you through the various styles that are currently trending or just suit you. Whether that be a small hair tattoo or a screaming fashion statement. We are here for you. 


How can I prepare for my cut, do I need to prepare for my cut?

We don’t expect you to come in prepared for a cut. However, we do require you to maintain appropriate hygiene for a public setting. It definitely helps if you show up hat & product free so we can treat your hair without any difficulties. 


My hair texture is different and I’m not sure if you cut hair textures like mine?

We have been serving the Guelph community for the last 15+ years, and we have studied and serviced every hair texture known to man. If you still feel unsure, feel free to contact us with some of your concerns!


Are we a cash only shop

We accept all payment methods at the shop. We also provide gift vouchers so you can share the Captain’s gift with your loved ones. 


Can we get access to the products you use on your customers?

Of course! We are all about sharing the love! Come check out our Suavecito products in-person, or shop online at our open 24 hours!