The Best Barbershop in Guelph

Captain Cutz is the best barbershop in Guelph. In today’s world of business – finding a real, authentic and unique barbershop is hard to find. That is what separates us from all the other barbershops in Guelph, we have the best customers, staff and services in the city. Not only do we just cover the everyday needs of men, our barbers and trained to cover all types of hair, making us a runner up for one of the best salons in Guelph as well.

Captain Cutz started as a humble little shop in a small sleeve of Downtown Guelph, Ontario and slowly but steadily emerged as one of the cities top shops. From one barber with a dream to a full-fledge operation, Captain Cutz not only excels at giving our customers the best haircut in Guelph, but we offer the best experience in the city, young or old.

Humble Beginnings

My journey as a barber began in 2005, in the Royal City of Guelph. Back in the day, Guelph, had a small town vibe with a population of 114,943 people & ZERO reputable barbers for the younger generation. I remember my friends having to beg their parents to see a barber outside the city for a stylish yet simple fade. But me, I was always the kid on the block experimenting with the latest fashion trends. It was hard to rely and trust someone else to style my hair, especially when they weren’t accustomed to the styles I wanted. I always felt that a man’s confidence stems from their hair/beards, so essentially when you have a bad hair day you usually have a bad day. 

With the intention of looking fresh for my own high school debut I picked up some razors to start trimming my own hair, eventually messing with blades to do line ups and before I knew it I was fading and styling myself. It was not long after that my classmates noticed and had inquired about my haircut. It was from that point on that I became the Go To Barber for my entire High School. Started cutting as a hobby for my peers, and before I knew it I got to a point where I was extremely confident with a blade and my hands were as steady as a surgeon’s. At which point I introduced my customers to the glorified bathroom at my parent’s house and started charging $10-$15 a cut. 

After graduating high school I was forced to take a Business Management Program in College, having eventually gotten sick of it and dropping out. With my constant stream of clientele I didn’t think twice about needing school or being taught skills I had no interest in. I wanted to learn & explore skills I could experience and use. Providing people the boosted confidence they needed to accomplish a goal in their own life was my driving factor, sure the money was good but the satisfaction was even better. So I continued to build my client base and create a reputation for myself as the best barber in town all while still being cramped in a 6 by 6 bathroom under my parent’s roof. 

At some point in my journey, I had to take a leap of faith and move out of a residential area to serve my clients from a more reputable location. Keeping this in mind, I established a small one man – one chair shop that was often referred to as the Graffiti Barbershop. My goal both then and now was to create a community that comes together and helps each other create a safe and caring environment for those around them. Giving people the confidence they need to strive for their own personal success, whatever that means for them. Ironically a few weeks after launching the shop, I had been shut down by the City of Guelph for being an unregistered business.

To make my business legit I would have to enrol in Salon School and furthermore, graduate. This was not cheap or easy, so I worked as an apprentice for long hours to help pay off my tuition and continued to gain experience on the forefront. The school taught me skills that were meant to help me cut all different textures and styles of hair,  but these were basic, out of fashion skills and styles which didn’t fit with my client base. But of course I learned, excelled and graduated college this time around. By the end of Salon School I had developed my very own haircut methodology that incorporated a fade and a full style haircut leaving my clients feeling and looking fresh. I used the skills in salon school to further my own techniques and patent a “clippers over comb” process which led to creating the perfect fade formula. I had then developed a repeatable course for this method to be taught to each and every one of my barbers at the shop, which I am now extending for anyone to learn via my CaptainCutz Classes. 

After graduating Salon School, I opened my first registered Captain Cutz Barbershop in the back of Mao Marketing. This shop had 4 chairs, and was filled with 3 barbers I had taught myself from the ground up using my patent methods, and myself. With the constant support of the community this shop was eventually moved to our more permanent location, beside Guelph Central, in the heart of the city. 

I thank you, my clients, my community and my friends for the success in my journey. I aim to bring a sense of comfort for anyone who enters our shop. Whether that be wanting to change their style, but not knowing what’s next. To the routine customer who never has to repeat his instructions after the first visit. And to the kids who dabble in fashion and want to be different, I promise to be there for you, each and everyone of you. I want to see the Captain Cutz Barbershop expand to all the cities that need a Captain to reign in their hair. We want to leave you looking fresh, and confident so you can give it your all for whatever you are trying to accomplish in life. That’s the Captain Cutz Mission.

Schedule your cut now, explore our unique products, sign up for The Captain’s Course, or apply to be a Barber at Captain Cutz today. You can find all this and more on our website. Thank you all once again for your continued support in allowing Captain Cutz to bring the latest and greatest hair trends to The Royal City of Guelph, our home, with a growing population of 140,000 plus.